I love people with Passion. People working around and about their passion. The term Passion shouldn’t be misunderstood as a normal full-time job, basically 9–5 one. Although this monotonous routine/job may be a passion for someone but the passion which I am talking about is different you know. When you are on your journey called life and one day suddenly you discovered a thing and you started liking it a bit more, slowly and steadily. Now you are loving it and having your whole mind and heart into it. That enthusiasm even makes you feel high, full of life. I love people who are working/ tend to work hard for their passion. How easily they manage to get inter-mingle with others. People around them (like one of their kind or maybe not) like them. You know they have this whole amalgamation of what is called joy, discoveries, sorrow, hardships, success, failure etc. in their passion journey. They have a meaning in their life, a purpose in their life. Eventually, they may end up losing their passion and discovering a new passion or might be the case that they are not professional in it. Like earning money or making it their full-time job. They may or may not change their jobs or startup with something new but surely and definitely, at least in the maximum case with what I have seen and how much I have heard. These people are brave, fearless to take any life-changing, risk-involving decisions. They are confident about themselves and tend to manage situations more swiftly than the normal doers. For me, people with no passion/hobbies or a non-CCA guy seems boring. I kind of feel empathy for them, for they are just a bookworm. Moreover, if they are not good at interacting with others or are bashful, I don’t how will they manage their lives. Will they get a good job/life by just being an academic scholar? Will they be able to survive without any passion, without any motive in their life? Don’t know. SIGH!




We tend to miss people more often when they are away. This is true for those we lost in heaven and those still alive in our lives.

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We tend to miss people more often when they are away. This is true for those we lost in heaven and those still alive in our lives.

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