Few days before my mom told me about the news of resigning of our school’s Principal. She had been working in our school from past two and a half years. At the very moment I was completely in shock but then, at the next moment I consoled her by saying it’s merely a rumor. Colony people are an expert in creating such rumors. Jitni muh, utni baatein. The news tabhi didn’t bothered me much but to my parents, it did. They were tensed this is because abhi, right now we are in Nagpur and my school is still the previous…

24th July. Six years of Masaan! But it still feels like today it has been released and I went to the theaters to watch it all by myself. I simply don’t know what to and how to say. Maybe because I am unprepared for this, maybe because I was unready for writing this blog. It was just like I was reading someone’s blog on the Wordpress and then there she had a blog whose link was shared right there and it opened up her Twitter handle. Phir then unintentionally I decided to stroll over her handle and then there was…

Today Saturday morning I had paneer bhurji as a breakfast. While changing the TV channels I accidentally landed up with MNX. It had When Harry met Sally showing. Moreover the last scene where the movie is about to end, when Harry decides to run over to Sally, a night before the New Year’s eve. When he is running, the thoughts/conversations of him and Sally in that car scene arguing over the pretty famous dialogue of Men and Women being good friends in his mind. It’s like-

Sally- Oh we are just good friends
Harry- You realise of course that we could…

हमेंं कविताएँ लिखते रहना चाहिए

कविताएँ, अपनी मातृभाषा को

बचाए रखने के लिए

कविताएँ, अपनी बुनियाद से

जुड़े रहने के लिए

कविताएँ, अपने असतित्व को

बनाए रखने के लिए

कविताएँ, औरों को प्रसन्न ना करने

स्वयं संतुष्टि के लिए

हमें अपने भाषा से जुड़े रहने के लिए

अपनी भाषा में, अक़्सर

कविताएँ लिखते रहना चाहिए…

तुम मिसरी की डली बन जाओ

मैं दूध बन जाता हूँ

तुम मुझमें

घुल जाओ।

तुम ढाई साल की बच्ची बन जाओ

मैं मिसरी धुला दूध हूँ मीठा

मुझे एक साँस पी जाओ।

अब मैं मैदान हूँ

तुम्हारे सामने दूर तक फैला हुआ।

मुझमें दौड़ो। मैं पहाड़ हूँ।

मेरे कंधों पर चढ़ो और फिसलो।

मैं सेमल का पेड़ हूँ

मुझे ज़ोर-ज़ोर से झकझोरो और

मेरी रूई को हवा की तमाम परतों में

बादलों के छोटे-छोटे टुकड़ों की तरह

उड़ जाने दो।

ऐसा करता हूँ कि मैं

अख़रोट बन जाता हूँ

तुम उसे चुरा लो

और किसी कोने में छुपकर


10:22 pm, 31 May 2020

This day I discovered Pankaj Sachdeva’s blog — Dichotomy of Irony Masaan. One of the finest blogs/descriptions to be ever written on Masaan. The movie I love the most. He made me observe those things in the movie which I actually hadn’t observed the least. I read him, and then again I watched it. This time, with keen observation to all those intricate subtleties.

Abhi, I will once again watch Masaan and recollect and cherish our memories of accidentally watching Masaan on the Star Gold Select channel. …

What kind of ‘self-motivation’ works out for you? When you feel lonely/depressed what course of action for yourself suits you the most?

We all do feel lonely and depressed whenever we don't outdo in our respective fields or profession. We are competitive and this competitiveness when considered positive, is somewhat good and it brings out the tougher you from within. You analyze yourself, your shortcomings and eventually work upon them. But at times this dejection makes you inoperative and irrational. So the people around you, who are very close to you and genuinely support you, like your parents and siblings…

Two lovers. One night. And Hemant Kumar


There was this song Zindagi ki talaash mein hum played somewhere in my locality. I don’t know from where we got to hear this but I enjoyed it. I smiled. I was busy doing my work but I just left in the midway and went to my balcony to hear it. The weather was good. The song was perfect.

I love to hear songs when they are played in loud like on loudspeakers or radio or BT speakers. When your surrounding is perfect like no disturbance or unwanted noise, I prefer listening to it in this way. Not on earbuds…


We tend to miss people more often when they are away. This is true for those we lost in heaven and those still alive in our lives.

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